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The imagination is a key that opens all the doors
This has been the second year I participate in the #Inktober Last year each day I did a diferent type of picture each day, and that also mean that I have to choose each day what to draw. But this year I decided to do a thematic Inktober. So in September I made a list of all the 57 Disney classics and selected one character of film to draw it this year.
And here are all the drawings I've done this past month.
Inktober 1: Snow White by Neyebur  1. Snow White
Inktober 2: Pinocchio by Neyebur 2. Pinocchio
Inktober 3: Fantasia by Neyebur 3. Fantasia
Inktober 4: Dumbo by Neyebur 4. Dumbo
Inktober 5. Bambi by Neyebur 5. Bambi
Inktober 6: 12. Cinderella by Neyebur 12. Cinderella
Inktober 7: 13. Alice in Wonderland by Neyebur 13. Alice in Wonderland
Inktober 8: 14. Peter Pan by Neyebur 14. Peter Pan
Inktober 9: 15. Lady and the tramp by Neyebur 15. Lady and the tramp
Inktober 10: 16. Sleeping Beauty by Neyebur 16. Sleeping Beauty
Inktober 11: 17. 101 Dalmatians by Neyebur 17. 101 Dalmatians
Inktober 12: 18. The sword in the stone by Neyebur 18. The sword in the stone
Inktober 13: 19. The book of the jungle by Neyebur 19. The book of the jungle
Inktober 14: 20. Aristocats by Neyebur 20. The Aristocats
Inktober 15: 21. Robin Hood by Neyebur 21. Robin Hood
Inktober 16: 22. Winnie The Pooh by Neyebur 22. Winnie The Pooh
Inktober 17: 23. The Rescuers by Neyebur 23. The Rescuers
Inktober 18: 24. The Fox and the Hound by Neyebur 24. The Fox and the Hound
Inktober 19: 25. The Black Cauldron by Neyebur 25. The black cauldron
Inktober 20: 26. The great Mouse Detective by Neyebur 26. The great mouse detective
Inktober 21: 27. Oliver and company by Neyebur 27. Oliver and company
Inktober 22: 28. The Little Mermaid by Neyebur 28. The Little Mermaid
Inktober 23: 29. The Rescuers Down Under by Neyebur 29. The Rescuers Down Under
Inktober 24: 30. Beauty and the Beast by Neyebur 30. Beauty and the beast
Inktober 25: 31. Aladdin by Neyebur 31. Aladdin
Inktober 26: 32. The Lion King by Neyebur 32. The Lion King
Inktober 27: 33. Pocahontas by Neyebur 33. Pocahontas
Inktober 28: 34. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Neyebur 34. The hunckback of Notre-Dame
Inktober 29: 34. Hercules by Neyebur35. Hercules
Inktober 30: 36. Mulan by Neyebur 36. Mulan
Inktober 31: 36. Tarzan by Neyebur 37. Tarzan

Happy 88th Birthday Mickey Mouse! by NeyeburHappy 88th Birthday Mickey Mouse (I did this one after the Inktober ended)

There are still another 25 Disney Classics, I will do it next year with another Disney related pics.
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